Forget User

Use this option to initiate a user’s request to be forgotten in the system and confirm the user's request in order to be compliant with GDPR.

The Forget User option is displayed only to the System Administrators and Reseller Administrators.

Initiate a user's request to be forgotten

  1. Go to the Trainees tab.
  2. Select an employee and click Open.
    You can also double-click the name to open the employee record.
  3. Click Forget User in the Actions menu.
  4. Click Save.
    Note: Verify that the selected user should be forgotten. Once completed, the user's data is destroyed and can no longer be edited. The user is also disabled from the system.

    The Employee Name, and User Name are displayed for you to verify as shown below in order to make sure that the correct user has been selected.

    Click Cancel to exit the screen and re-verfiy if you are unsure of the selected user.

Add Replacement User Name

You must provide a replacement user name in order to easily locate a forgotten user in the system.

  1. Select a replacement user name in the Replacement User Name field using one of the following:
    • Replace with a system generated name.
    • Manually enter a different name.
    The new replacement ID must be unique. We recommend using a standard convention for the Replacement ID when forgetting users in order to be able to easily identify the forgotten users in the system.

Confirm the User's Request to be Forgotten

  1. Check the box and click Submit below the disclaimer message.


    The Account information screen displays with the forgotten user's personal data obscured with asterisks (*). The personal data is obscured throughout the system. The user is removed from all active assignments.