Trainees Tab

Business accounts can use On Demand to view account details, edit account details, apply promotional codes, create organizational units, manage organizational units, create trainees, edit trainees, manage security roles, and manage their hierarchy.

On Demand's core purpose is to provide training to improve safety awareness. Building the hierarchical structure and collecting employee's biographical data provide the foundation necessary to implement safety training.

  • The Trainees tab displays people and hierarchy and aids in managing both. For more details, refer to the View Hierarchy topic.
  • You can manage trainees in On Demand by created trainee records, placing them in the hierarchy and assigning security roles. For more details, refer to the View All Trainees topic.
  • Security roles displays available roles used to access the system. For more details, refer to the Edit a Trainee's Security Roles topic.

Below is an example of how you can take advantage of this feature to facilitate your user's access to training.

The company SteeleWorx is a new client. SteeleWorx adds all of its trainees into On Demand. A trainee of SteeleWorx, Bill Smith, is in the Southeast Division of the organizational hierarchy. A current training administrator places him in the Training Administrator role. This role allows Bill to create assignments, manage training, manage the hierarchy, purchase training and run reports.

  • Client: SteeleWorx
  • Organizational Hierarchy: Southeast Division
  • Trainee: Bill Smith
  • User Account: bill.smith
  • Role: Training Administrator