Log in

The Login screen allows users to access the application. All users must have a user account with valid credentials.

For details about maintaining users' accounts, see the View All Trainees topic.

If a user logs in but does not perform any actions in the system for 60 minutes, the system automatically times out and the user is logged out.

  1. In the Address field of your Internet browser, type the following link: http://[your-on-demand-address].com.
    Note: We recommend that you add the link to your browser's favorites.
  2. Select the language that best suits your needs in the Language drop-down. This setting controls the language of the fields and other information in the user interface. It does not change the language of the training courses.
  3. Type your user name and password.
    Note: The Password field is case-sensitive.
  4. Click Log In.