Training Tab

The Training tab is a directory of all purchased training titles and previous assignments. The tab is available only for Business Accounts. By default, the Training tab includes all training titles purchased regardless of number of available seats. You may search for specific training titles by entering a full or partial unit name in the Search field.

The View All Training view displays training titles that you have previously purchases, regardless of the availability of seats. From the All Training view, you can view training descriptions, assign training and purchase more seats. By default, it includes the information below for each training.

  • Title
  • Language
  • Estimated time to take training
  • Seats available.
    Note: A seat represents one person who can take training.
  • Double-click on the training title row to view the training title details.
  • Category tags are shown when you view the training title details.

The View Previous Assignments view displays all assignments that have been made, regardless of who created them. By default, it includes the information below for each previous assignment.

  • Assignment Name.
  • Assignment Date.
  • Start Date.
  • Assigned By.

You can add or remove columns when applicable by hovering the mouse over the column header, clicking the drop-down arrow, and selecting check boxes for the columns you want to see.