Use the Top Navigation Bar

The top navigation bar displays on most screens. Each tab in the top navigation bar provides access to various management functions. It also allows you to navigate quickly through the system.

Top Navigation bar

Tab Description
Home Opens the Home page, where you can access assignments and messages.
Store Opens the Store screen, where you can browse, search and purchase training. By default, training titles display using thumbnails, but you can change the display to a simply list using the View button.
Training Opens the Training and Assignments screen, where you can view all training you have purchased, assign it and view all the assignments you have made.
Reports Opens the Report screen, where you can view a list of reports and report descriptions. You can run a report by clicking it and entering desired parameter values. In addition, you can view the data from the last time the report was run and schedule reports.
Trainees Opens the Trainees and Departments screen, where you can view hierarchy, trainees and security roles. From those links, you can work with the hierarchy, collect company and trainee information and manager user accounts.
My Account Opens the Account Details screen, where you can configure your account information and view account details.
Log Out Ends your session and takes you back to the Login screen.