Completion Status

The Completion Status report calculates the assignment completion percentage for each month.

Reports tab > Training > On Demand Completion Status
The report uses the following formulas to calculate the percentage of completed assignments:
  • If you exclude excused assignments, it uses this formula: (Completed Assignments - Excused Assignments) ÷ (All Assignments - Excused Assignments)
  • If you include excused assignments, it uses this formula: Completed Assignments ÷ All Assignments

Note that the number of completed assignments includes both assignments the trainee has completed and assignments a manager marked complete for him.

In addition, the report lists all the individuals who did not complete an assignment during this period, including those who did not have any assignments.

Report Parameters

Label Description
People Allows you to select the employee or organization unit to run the report on. At least one employee or organizational unit must be select.
Date to Use Allows you to select a date to use in the report. There are four date options: creation date, assignment date, completion date, and overdue date.
Date Range Displays the date range.
Begin Date Allows you to select the begin date of the date range.
End Date Allows you to select the end date of the date range.
Employee Status Allows you to select the employee status type to report on. There are three status options: active and inactive, active, and inactive.
Category Allows you to select assignment categories to include in the report by clicking the green button.
Excused Assignments Allows you to select whether to include assignments or exclude excused assignments in the report information.
Run Displays the report.
Cancel Returns user to the Reports screen.