OSHA Card Mailing Address

The OSHA Card Mailing Address link is displayed to the right of employee names only if the assignment is an OSHA training. Select the link to open the OSHA Mailing Address window. Type the trainee's name in the Attention field, the mailing address where you want to send the OSHA card, and the trainee's e-mail address in the Email Address field.

You can apply the same mailing address for all employees in the training by using the Copy this Mailing Address for all employees in this training check box.

Mailing Address link

Trainees can edit the OSHA card mailing address and email address on the Verify Mailing Address window after they complete the entire OSHA course. This is also the Postal Address of the Type "Mailing" in the trainee's record and will default in future OSHA assignments. The email address will default as the trainee's primary email address.

Note: The only country option in this address is USA. The State field contains options for American Samoa, Guam, Johnston Island, Northern Mariana Islands, Puerto Rico, Virgin Islands U.S., and Wake Island.