Assign Training

Note: Only training with available seats may be assigned.
  1. Click Training > View All Training.
  2. Highlight the training title you want to assign.
  3. Click Assign below the training title.

    Training Assign link

  4. On the Create Assignment screen, provide the information below, as needed.
    • Add new trainees to your employee list by clicking on Create a New Trainee.
      Note: Employees added from here will automatically be added to the assignment.
    • Select existing employees for this assignment by clicking on Select Trainee(s). Add or remove trainees.
    1. Click on Assign to Trainees. The People Directory window displays.
    2. Search for the name of the trainee or scroll through the list of available trainees. Training may also be assigned to an entire department or location.
    3. Highlight the name(s) to be added to the assignment.
      The check box is checked.
    4. Click OK to add the trainee(s) or department/location(s) to the assignment and the system returns to the Create Assignment screen.
    5. Enter OSHA Card Mailing Address.
    6. Specify the Start Date and End Date for your assignment.
  5. Click Create to create the assignment(s).
    The assignment confirmation prompt displays.
  6. Click Yes to confirm your assignment(s).

Remove Trainees from an Assignment

Click the red - (minus) symbol next to the trainee's name or the Remove link.