Import Template Export Report

This report provides the demographic data of users in an organization that can be imported into the PureSafety system. The report is accessible to all users in addition to the system administrators and reseller administrators.

Go to Reports tab > Administrative > Import Template Export.

To include data of the forgotten users in the report, select the Employee status as Active and Inactive . The forgotten user’s personal data is obscured.

Right to Access and Right to Data Portability

The ‘Right of Access’ requires data controllers to provide data subjects a copy of their processed personal data upon request. In order to comply with a user's request to have access to personal data, this report serves this purpose and also serves the purpose of 'Right to Data Portability.' The report allows individuals to obtain their personal data from a system in a safe and secure way, without affecting its usability. The 'Right to Data Portability' only applies to information an individual has provided to a controller.