Review OSHA Training Restrictions

Restriction Description

OSHA Training is limited to 7.5 per trainee in a 24-hour period.

If that limit is exceeded, completion cards will not be issued. This change was designed to ensure that workers spend an appropriate amount of time in training and receive the necessary breaks between training sessions. Previously, there were not limitations on how much time workers could spend in training in a given day.

To comply with this regulation:

  • The system keeps track of the time employees spend in training. Throughout an OSHA presentation, trainees can easily see how much training time they have left in the bottom right corner of the screen, where the following message displays: OSHA regulations allow 7.5 hours of training in a 24-hour period. You have 07:19:12 available. This message is continuously updated to reflect the correct amount of available time.

    Time Counting message

  • Thirty seconds before the 7.5-hour limit is reached, the message in the bottom right corner displays in red font.
  • When trainees reach the 7.5-limit, the system stops their training, displays the message shown below, and bookmarks their stopping point so that trainees can easily return to the same place when they resume training. Trainees are not allowed to resume training until 24 hours have passed from the time they started their 7.5 hours of training. This message displays again if users attempt to resume training before the appropriate period of time has passed. This message is updated to reflect the correct amount of time remaining before trainees are permitted to resume training.

    Training Time message

OSHA card mailing sent eight weeks from completion date.

  • The time line for card mailing was set at eight weeks from completion date.
  • Cards must be mailed to the attention of the trainee.

Ten-hour and Thirty-hour OSHA courses must be completed within six months from the date the course was started.

If the course is not completed within the time restraint, the course expires and trainees can not complete the course. As a reminder, trainees receive an email notification thirty days, ten days, three days, and one day before the course expires.

OSHA exams must be passed within three attempts

If the exam is not passed on the third attempt, the trainee can no longer complete the course online. As a reminder, a warning message displays after the first failed attempt and the second failed attempt and before starting the third attempt.