Use Grids

You can sort, search, and apply filters on grids throughout the application. Searching capabilities are available on various screens throughout the system.

Option Description

Search by Keyword

Search fields are located above grids to allow you to search for specific names or titles related to the grid display. For example, a Search field is located above the training library grid. Enter any part of a name or title, such as exposure, and click the magnifying glass to the right of the Search field. The system displays training units that have the term "exposure" in the title.

Sort by Column

You can sort information in a grid based on column values. As a result, you can group training assignments that have the same status, or you can see assignments that are due soon first. To do this, click the column header or hover over the column header, click the drop-down arrow, and select the Sort Ascending or Sort Descending options.

Add or Remove Columns

You can add or remove columns in certain grids by hovering the mouse over the column header, clicking the drop-down arrow, and selecting the check boxes for the columns you want to see.

Filter by Type

Some grids allow you to filter data in their list. The Filter field next to the Search field allows you to restrict the list the system should search. The system displays only results that meet the criteria.